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Month of Dreams

Thank you to those who have joined the site and gained access to this direct access to my thoughts! That might be great or dangerous - hahaha

I write as if I am having a conversation with the reader, so I hope you enjoy that.

As I put this post together, I am sitting in Nashville, TN.

You know, God moves in mysterious ways. He never forgets the dreams He placed within your heart - - even if they go back to when you were barely a child. I have been staying in Nashville this entire month in rehearsals for an upcoming show called Only Hope: A Musical Tribute to A Walk to Remember. (a movie from early 2000's starring Mandy Moore). We open this Thursday and will have 4 exclusive limited engagement shows. The cast is a collection of superstars from Broadway, Netflix, and TV/Film. We have become a family in only a few short days.

Yesterday we went to the city together and on the way to the restaurant I saw a dream come true! As a child, my sister and I wanted a pet baby monkey. We begged my parents for one! Not having a clue how hard it would be to actually get one for a pet, nor the cost, danger, or chaos that they might create! We wanted pet monkeys! I would see them on TV shows and just dream of having one! Yesterday, as I walked down Broadway in downtown Nashville - I saw 2 baby monkeys! Not only did I see them, I stopped and pet them, got photos with them and experienced my dream come true!

While I am in awe of what God is doing here in this show - He topped it all by bringing this childhood dream to reality. God SEES you. Even if we forget those childhood dreams - He NEVER does! Don't give up - even when the dream seems crazy!!!

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