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Perhaps you were brought into the kingdom (world) for such a time as this, just as Esther was. Beauty for Ashes, the original show name, was birthed because of sharing my story on someone else's show.  It grew into being a place where others could share their stories, experiences, and world views freely. 

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Tania Joy

Tania's journey is truly inspiring. Her unwavering faith has guided her from her early days at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship School of Ministry to her travels throughout Ireland as a young preacher. As Miss Illinois 1996, she faced the harsh reality of cancel culture after competing for Miss America 1997. Despite this setback, Tania remained true to her beliefs and began to speak out against the narrative promoting the breakdown of the natural family.

The Tania Joy Show, which started as Beauty for Ashes, officially launched on 5-5-20 with Amanda Grace (a day of double grace!) and quickly grew to include featured guests such as Dr. Mark Sherwood, Nathan French, Manuel Johnson, General Flynn, Vicki O’Brien, Julie Green, Deborah Williams, Donna Rigney, Amber May, Clay Clark, Victoria Jackson, Billy Falcone, Yvon Attia, Anne Hamilton, John Redenbo, Loy Brunson, Tom Althouse, Mama Bears, and influencers from the UK, Australia, and beyond. 

 Make sure to never miss any of our new content by subscribing to your favorite channel. Our shows are available on all major podcasts, Rumble, CloutHub, Twitter and Facebook. You can also watch us on The Blessed News Network and HisGloryTV. Don't forget to support the growth and continuance of our show through our sponsors which can be found under "Tania's Favorite Things".  Follow us on our social media platforms - TruthSocial, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Gab, and Gettr under @realtaniajoygibson or by searching The Tania Joy Show.

Tania Joy and General Flynn
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