"Perhaps YOU were brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this..."

Welcome to the Tania Joy and Beauty for Ashes Show.

You are not here by accident!

Tania Joy was Miss Illinois 1996 and experienced cancel culture for the first time at the age of 19, upon winning and preparing for the Miss America Pageant.  That experience was what prepared her for this point in history, to operate as a modern-day Esther sharing truth as host of the Beauty for Ashes Show, which began in April 2020. The government lockdowns had just begun, and I kept waking up at 3am. One morning (at 3am), I asked God if He would talk to me, tell me what was going on, and explain why I kept waking up at this specific time.


And He answered!


I heard Him speak, “Come downstairs”. It was like being in a movie, and I questioned if that was truly God speaking to me until I heard it again, “If you want me to talk to you, come downstairs.” So I did as He asked. As I sat in the darkness, with my bible on my lap and looking out into the still night outside, I heard His words that forever changed my life’s trajectory. “What you have known, will never be again. What has been will not look the same ever again.”

And those were the words that foretold what was to come, in my life and in our world.

I began to be bombarded with documentaries, articles, and videos of truths I had never heard of before. Like they had been hidden from me. It started with the children and what evil has been done to them for generations. That led to the entertainment industry, Disney, the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Deep State, the nefarious works of our own government in so many areas, and what this virus was all about: population control. I began to see that so much of what I once thought was real, was a lie. So I started a private Facebook group that grew almost overnight to a couple hundred people. Then the election happened, and I watched with my own eyes as numbers changed LIVE on TV. It was clear that alternative media would need to rise up, just as the prophets had been foretelling, and it was time for me to enter in even deeper than just a Facebook group.

The Show, Beauty for Ashes officially launched on 5-5-20 with Amanda Grace (a day of double grace!) and quickly grew to include featured guests such as Dr. Mark Sherwood, Vicki O’Brien, Julie Green, Deborah Williams, Donna Rigney, Amber May, Clay Clark, Joy Thayer, Yvon Attia, Anne Hamilton, John Redenbo, Loy Brunson, Tom Althouse….and many, many more! It has been humbling and honoring to see what the Lord is growing this into!

Tania Joy also travels speaking on what it means to be a Modern-Day Esther and what cancel culture does to someone!  She is a professionally trained actress and singer and works within that industry bringing light to content that is hopeful, moral, and supportive of the traditional family unit.  She has experienced first hand what the hyper sexualization of our children through the education system, Hollywood, and society is doing to families.  


Beauty for Ashes has now grown to include a variety of shows including; Hollywood Decode, The Gibson Girls, The Tania Joy Show, and Coffee Talk w/Esther.  

Coffee Talk airs every morning Monday through Friday at 8:30am CST. 

The Tania Joy Show, Beauty for Ashes airs daily Monday through Friday at 4:14pm CST. 

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